Grassroots Marketing and Me

Hi, my name is Bill Steigerwald, and for most of my career, I have produced events for companies, the general public, and individuals.  I love designing experiences that support a strategy, incorporating the audience, host, budget, and service providers.  I also believe in the importance of personal interaction, that it is essential to not only create memories, but to build brands and community.

Working in corporate and convention hotels, I stylized events for national associations, corporations, and non-profits, in Washington, DC, New Orleans, and north Jersey.  After I moved to Houston, I started an event business that designed and produced events for corporations, and promoted festivals and expos for the general public.

About this time, events (outside of trade shows/expos) started to become strategic, and we were at the forefront.  We produced experiential campaigns for Tyson Foods and Comerica Bank that produced tremendous rates of return, and a heavy equipment product launch that created millions in incremental sales.   Now our larger events also involved public and community relations efforts, adding another level of sophistication.  The holiday lights festival was promoted primarily via public relations, which produced $1.2 million in publicity for the event and our sponsor.  The H-E-B store openings were packaged with grassroots marketing/community outreach efforts, and I was amazed at how they endeared the stores to their communities.

Then, two years ago, I moved to Raleigh, NC and took a position to market and produce the World Beer Festivals in NC, SC, and VA.  Drawing on all of my experiences and exercising my writing ability, I implemented a grassroots marketing plan involving events, sponsors, community stakeholders, media partners, and brand disciplines.  It was extremely successful, far better than traditional marketing efforts, producing a 40% increase and growing a supportive beer community.  So I decided to start this blog to aggregate new ideas and best practices, and expand the successful use of GRM.

HEB Gulfgate Opening

In the other pages, I explain more about my experience operating EVENTions, and producing the World Beer Festivals.  My blog posts are listed to the right.  Please feel free to add comments on pages and posts, and offer links or documents that can be added to the Resources page.  I appreciate your contributions.

Holiday Lights in Hermann Park

World Beer Festival - Richmond


One thought on “Grassroots Marketing and Me

  1. You are absolutely correct. The consumer is more sophisticated, and therefore expect more “value” for their investment, even if that investment is a couple of hours eating free crab cakes, and drinking expensive wine….YOURS!!!

    Clients expect “value” in return for their investment in any marketing task they undertake. All the elements of an event are scrutinized for being of value, supporting the company’s brand – guest list, entertainment, … So, around the table, the keyword is “VALUE”.

    I have worked with you Bill, and I know you are an event producer of the highest caliber. When you produced for us, you brought forth every detail of our event, and brought value to every person/company, and on every level.

    Congratulations on your new blog. I hope those who sign-up early will stick around and take in the value this blog will bring to their companies and personal events.

    Randall W Montalbano
    Senior Advisor / Founder


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